SME / Corporate Solutions

SME and Corporate Solutions

The SpamWall Spam Firewall system is a practical and cost effective solution for Corporate Systems Administrators and IT Departments who are looking for an "off the shelf" solution and wanting to minimize inhouse development and maintenance as much as possible while reducing the load on mail servers and networks in addition to realizing savings on bandwidth, administrative and support costs.

The SpamWall system is a complete "out of the box" solution that is very easy to implement. There is no expensive hardware to purchase, no server to build, no software to install and configure, no compatibility issues, no on-going maintenance issues, and no steep learning curve involved. You can be up and running within a few hours and seeing an immediate reduction of up to a 98% or more of Spam, Viruses and other unwanted email being delivered to your email server and email account users.

Unlike other anti-spam solutions, the SpamWall Spam Firewall reduces the load placed on your existing email server and network by off-loading the task of both Spam and Virus processing and filtering, effectively reducing the volume of Spam, Viruses and other unwanted email reaching your email server by up to 98% or more.

Increasingly more mission critical business applications and services are migrating to the Cloud / SaaS models in order to achieve cost savings as well as provide new opportunities for enhancing productivity and collaboration.

SpamWall has the experience and expertise to assist organizations of all types and sizes to rapidly migrate their Anti-Spam and other email security related systems to Cloud / SaaS hosting models. Our highly experienced technical team have in-depth knowledge of Internet email related systems and are able to transparently carry out necessary migrations from any existing Spam filtering service or Anti-Spam software setup. Even the most complicated technical issues can seem simple when you have a committed and highly experienced team of experts in all aspects of email infrastructure engineering and technology backing you up, allowing you to focus on the core activities related to growing your business.

SpamWall also offers other email security related services including the MessageVault email archiving solution and SafeRoute outbound email security service.

The MessageVault email archiving service is an affordable, secure and dedicated email archiving solution able to archive both inbound and outbound email messages from any Internet connected source providing secure, tamper proof email capture and long term storage management for critical email data. By using MessageVault corporate IT departments can quickly implement email archiving that is suitable for compliance with SOX, HIPAA, FINRA, SEC and other regulatory or legal discovery requirements.

SafeRoute is a secure outbound email relay system that includes a complete Spam and Virus filtering solution that ensures all email leaving your local mail server and network is Spam and Virus free, providing effective protection against blacklisting and other potential email delivery issues.

SpamWall has years of experience managing complex, mission critical hosting infrastructures and online applications for organizations of all types and sizes. Our experience as well as our commitment to consistently delivering innovative solutions at superior value have made us the provider of choice for customers worldwide ranging from multinational household names to small, privately held firms who view us more as a strategic business partner rather than just another vendor.

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A practical and cost effective solution for Corporate and SME applications. Rated for up to 50 domains and 500 email users.

  1. Up to 1 million emails/day
  2. Service up to 50 Domains
  3. Up to 500 Email Users
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