Customer Feedback

Feedback from some of our customers


My first impression with SpamWall is simply jaw dropping! I can't believe how well it works right out of the box. While it took me a little while to learn the system and get my MX pointed in the right direction, I like the way it looks/feels/works!

– Jon Rumfelt, North Pole Assembly, Alaska USA

YTL Hotels & Properties are really grateful for the assistance being provided to us since the day we switched our services to you. No words could describe how satisfied we with your services. We feel safe and well managed knowing that we have a trustworthy and assured assistance provided from SpamWall.

– Jasvin Singh, IT Operations, YTL Hotels & Properties Malaysia

I love the new SpamWall system, it answers so many questions about what is happening and we are able to make appropriate adjustments based on knowledge and not just guessing. Thanks so much for getting this implemented - it is awesome!

- Dan Virtue, Net Eagles Web Development, Iowa USA

Our clients are extremely happy with the SpamWall and that in turn makes us pleased with the service. Keep up the good work.

– Alan White, Foremost Communications, NSW Australia

We have been using your SpamWall service for long time and the truth is we love it. It really works.

– Manuel Cabrera,, Panama

Enjoying the SpamWall service so far. Our inboxes are looking much healthier.

– Andy Dopleach, DandyDesigns, New Zealand

We have been testing out the SpamWall Spam Firewall system and I am extremely happy with its performance.

– Raj Maligaspe, Telnetworks Pty Ltd, VIC Australia

I would like to say we enjoy the simplicity of your system, it works well and is fast.

– Mark Roberts, Itrinium Limited, Hertfordshire UK

I am very pleased with your SpamWall solution, and so are our customers.

- Kim Gregersen, IT Operators ApS, Denmark

Thank you for all your support. The SpamWall system is very good, my customers also love it.

– Ralf Spitaler,, Germany

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